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Robinson Family Lecture Series on Modern Israel

January 23, 2017

  • Professor Rachel S. Harris, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne, author of An Ideological Death: Suicide in Israeli Literature, and the forthcoming Warriors, Witches, Whores: Women in Israeli Cinema, among other works will speak on "With a Six Shooter and Spurs: Imaging the Israeli Western" which discusses the Western genre in Israeli film.

February 8, 2009

  • Dr. David Tal, Visiting Professor, Department of History, Emory University, spoke on "What President Obama Should Know about Israel and the Peace Process." In addition, Dr. Tal presented a second lecture entitled "The Making and Development of Israeli-American Relations" on February 9, 2009. These presentations were co-sponsored by The Robinson Family Lecture on Modern Israel Fund, the Emory Institute for the Study of Modern Israel, the Knoxville Jewish Alliance, the Departments of Religious Studies and History, University of Tennessee.

February 18, 2008

  • Dr. Paul Rivlin, Senior Research Fellow at the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, Tel Aviv University and Visiting Professor at the Institute for the Study of Modern Israel at Emory University, lectured on "U.S. Oil Consumption and the Middle East: What's the Problem?" This event was cosponsored by the Fern and Manfred Steinfeld Program in Judaic Studies, the Departments of Religious Studies and History, the Abraham and Rebecca Solomon and Ida Schwartz Distinguished Lecture Fund, University of Tennessee; the Knoxville Jewish Alliance, and the Emory Institute for the Study of Modern Israel.

April 16, 2006

  • Professor Michael Feige, The Ben-Gurion Research Center, Ben-Gurion University, and Visiting Professor at the Institute for the Study of Modern Israel of Emory University, spoke on "Israel's Disengagement from the Gaza Strip: What Has Israel Learned?"

November 2 and 3, 2005

  • Dr. David Tal – Fellow at the Jaffee Center of Strategic Studies, and lecturer at Tel Aviv University, "The U.S. in Israel's Thinking" and "The Other's Other: Entangled Jews and Arabs.

October 1 and 2, 2003

  • Dr. Reuven Hazan, "Israeli Attitudes toward the Peace Process: What the Media Does not Tell Us" and "From Rabin to Netanyahu to Barak to Sharon: Does Israel Have a Direction?"

March 25, 2002

  • Professor Ken Stein, William E. Schatten Professor of Contemporary Middle Eastern History and Israeli Studies, Emory University, Atlanta, GA., on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict.

March 5 & 6, 2000

  • Professor Uri Bialer, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, "The Israeli/Palestinian Peace Process" and "Early Israeli History.

February 19, 1999

  • Professor Yaron Ezrachi, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, "Zionist History."

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